How is it going?
Before the consultation, I will carefully study your figure, personality, understand your needs and preferences in order to create the most individual and unique image for you (yes, don't think that I'll just suggest you the old money style and that's it; we will embark on an exciting journey to uncover your personality through your wardrobe). The consultation itself can be conducted offline/online/in audio format on Telegram. I go through the presentation in detail, explain all the particulars, and answer any questions.
After the consultation, you will have an understanding of what suits you and what doesn't, regardless of fashion trends.
A consultation includes:
analyzing your body shape and providing recommendations for all types of clothing (depending on the season), accessories, color palette, makeup, and hairstyle. If there is a desire for a style change, I can suggest a style and show examples of combinations that, in my opinion, would suit you.
Service Duration: 45-60 minutes
My Preparation: 10 hours
Cost: $95 or equivalent in your currency