The wardrobe is full, but there's nothing to wear?
I'll show you how to easily and effortlessly mix and match clothing
но нечего надеть?
Шкаф забит,
и непринуждённо сочетать вещи.
Я покажу как легко
About me
Clothing is our tool for conveying the desired impression to others.
Hi! My name is Mari
I can't imagine life without art, and as a fashion artist, I express myself through my designs every day. Using the rules of fashion and style, along with my knowledge and experience, I'll help you showcase your uniqueness to the world.
My mission is to help girls and guys discover their unique style and successfully express themselves through their appearance and clothing.
Every person is a unique individual that can and should be shown to the world!
Why should
you work with me?
No more chaos in the wardrobe and in your head!
By profession, I am a financial specialist, which means that structuring and order are my 'second nature'
Since 2018, I have been working as a model for fashion shows and fashion shoots (MBFW Russia, for the SC Aviapark)
Diploma of Personal Stylist and Image Maker from the Italian School of Fashion Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile
I approach each outfit structurally, blending your world and individuality with fashion
In this video, I worked as a costume stylist and even appeared on camera myself ;)
Since 2018, I have been working as a model for fashion shows and photo shoots (MBFW Russia 18/19, for the SC 'Aviapark')
Click here to view the diploma
Ready-made outfits
A bright outfit
for everyday walks
A gentle outfit
for a seaside vacation
Evening look
for a special occasion
Minimum time for morning preparations, maximum diverse and unique looks created just for you.
My specialties: "Personal Stylist and Image Consultant".
Sphere of knowledge: Stylistics, Wardrobe Analysis, Color Analysis, Personal Shopping, Fashion Style, Hairstyles and Makeup.
45-60 m
The consultation includes: body analysis and recommendations for all types of clothing (depending on the season), accessories, color palette, makeup, and hairstyle
Wardrobe organization
from $145
2-4 h
I review photos of the items you send me in advance, then we have a call, and if necessary, you try on some items.
The creation of a capsule
for the season, on vacation, for an event
от 30 m
Based on the style analysis and your request, I will prepare a capsule for you, and you will receive it in PDF format, which will include not only photos but also links to stores and examples of combinations.
Wardrobe organization
from $175
3-5 h
I will show you new ways of wearing and combining what's already hiding in your closet. Along the way, we'll create stylish outfits and photograph them.
Shopping assistance
from $175
2-4 h
Based on the consultation, I will prepare a shopping list and set aside the selected items, and on the scheduled day, we will visit the stores I've planned and try everything on together.
I'm ready to invest all my knowledge and experience to make your outfits unique and inspiring. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to create a personalized style for you
Thank you so much! It was great, I enjoyed it! I'll try not to be shy about wearing oversized blazers and such modern choices))) but I really want to try wearing suits! Thank you for telling me about tweed skirts, because I was literally about to buy a tweed skirt and a tweed suit with a skirt the other day!
I can't make myself wear high heels in everyday life, only for special occasions, even though I have plenty of them. Again, everyone immediately starts saying that I'm dressed up, because I usually walk in flats. I've got it all, and I'll try to apply all your recommendations! Thank you!)))
The presentation really impressed me! Right from the start, I want to say that it's great that you used a calm color scheme – it doesn't distract from the information and is easy on the eyes. It seemed to me that everything was very informative, concise, and not overloaded with unnecessary details!
For me personally, it's very convenient that there's more visuals than text. It makes it easier for me to see an example and follow along. When it's just text, I'd read it, forget it, and probably wouldn't actually do it!
It turned out really great! Practical and aesthetic! I'll definitely try to apply it in real life!
Wow, Mari! Awesome! Especially with the audio, it became incredibly cool - such a complete immersion happened! Thank you)) It was very interesting!
And I actually had a question about blazers - I ordered a white blazer for myself just before the wedding without thinking much, and it turned out to be double-breasted - after your response, I now understand what to do with it)
I really liked it because I always used to hear 'capsule, capsule,' but I always thought people were exaggerating with the idea that you can come up with many interesting things from just 10 items. But in fact, I now really see that you can look different without spending too much. Everything is very stylish and beautiful!
A special thanks for the direct links, the breakdown into expensive and affordable options, and the personalized recommendations for my body type!!!
Regarding the capsule...
I really liked everything. There are things that will be something new for me - I've never worn them before.
Now, when I arrive in the city, I'll go shopping and see how it fits on me :) Thank you very much for the work you've done!
Mari!!! It's just pure bliss. While I was at work, I simply scrolled through, and these are the exact shades that. I really love)) Thank you!
Mari, thank you for your work! You immediately understood what I needed, and the capsule wardrobe was spot on. The format in which you deliver the results is very convenient - you explained everything very clearly. And the clickable presentation is top-notch. And yes, the digital wardrobe feature is a bonus. I'm ready to go shopping for new items for my wardrobe! Thank you.